Nvidia has released a new update for the Linux drivers, but it’s a small upgrade that only brings support for a couple of new GPUs.

Keeping track of all the Nvidia branches for Linux drivers is becoming a hassle, especially if you are a gamer. Usually, game developers recommend that you use the latest driver, but that’s a piece of advice a little bit difficult to follow on the Linux platform. The recent Nvidia driver update is a good example of that.

New Nvidia 361.18 Beta for Linux:
This is a very small update, and it brings support for GeForce 940MX and Quadro M500M. As usual, the developers have also posted the minimum requirements for the drivers, but they are nothing out of the ordinary. It should work on any system that has, at least, Linux kernel 2.6.18, X.Org 1.0, glibc 2.0, and libvdpau 0.2. You can download Nvidia 361.18 Beta for Linux from the nvidia site, but please keep in mind that if you install it manually, you might have problems with missing kernel headers after you reboot.

Johan Louwers

Johan Louwers

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