Learn how to customize a Docker container image and use it to instantiate application instances across different Linux servers. This article describes how to create a Dockerfile, how to allocate runtime resources to containers, and how to establish a communication channel between two containers (for example, between web server and database containers).


The hands-on lab is designed to help you get a taste for how you can use Docker to simplify application provisioning on Linux. It demonstrates how to create a Docker container on Oracle Linux, modify it, and use it to instantiate multiple application instances. It also describes how to allocate system CPU and memory resources to a Docker container, how to set up a database container, and how other containers can connect to that database container.

You can find the hands-on lab on the Oracle OTN site.


Johan Louwers

Johan Louwers

Global Lead Archict at Capgemini
Johan Louwers is an Oracle ACE Director and works for the global Capgemini Infrastructure organisation where he leads the Oracle Architect Office as the lead architect.
Johan Louwers

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