Hybrid cloud computing is trending upward, despite various tech pundits saying that public cloud is the all-consuming dominant model. All three forms of cloud computing – public, private, and hybrid – have undergone considerable evolution since the concepts first gained the attention of IT years ago. Hybrid cloud is the overwhelming favorite form of the cloud, with 88% of firms surveyed rating it as important or critical to their business.

The lightning-fast evolution of hybrid cloud means the conventional wisdom of a year or two back is already obsolete. So we asked several industry analysts where they saw the hybrid cloud headed in 2016 and got some interesting answers.

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Johan Louwers

Johan Louwers

Global Lead Archict at Capgemini
Johan Louwers is an Oracle ACE Director and works for the global Capgemini Infrastructure organisation where he leads the Oracle Architect Office as the lead architect.
Johan Louwers

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